The Norlands

The Norlands are viewed by most outsiders as a cold an inhospitable, and up until about 200 years ago it mostly was. Before the Skani invaders came from the South, this was mostly true. The landscape was originally dominated by animistic men known as the Kunivari, the frost giant Jarls(called the Vardwyn), and the many horrifying monsters of the forests(Vampires, Werewolves, Wendigos, etc). Skâne invaded the Norlands as a means to escape the descending dwarves during Mountainfall and managed to conquer much of the land owned by the Kunivari, subjugating them and making them mostly a slave class. While this revitalized the Skani kingdom and brought in a new era of prosperity, many of the magical wards and protections the Kunivari used to keep away the foul spirits and abominations of the Phantom Pines were destroyed as “blasphemies against the gods.” The deadly spirits of the forest were finally free to wreak havoc on the mostly unguarded villages that lie at the frontier of New Skâne(as it was originally called).
This influx in monster attacks along with numerous other political factors(certain regions having priority food shipments, inconsistent taxation, etc) lead to what was called the Silent Revolution which was followed by the Skani War of Unification where several dukes and lords decided to break away from the proper Skani government(which would be eventually conquered by one of these “usurpers,” which formally ended the nation of Skâne though the ethnic identity remained intact.) The 5 “kingdoms” that spawned out of this fracturing of Skâne were: Velostria(run by vampires), Kyrev(who currently holds the capital of New Skâne and carries on their legacy), Kunivia(a loose association of several tribes that band together to remain independent of Skâne), Cengratti(later subjugated by by the frost giant jarl Brenjolf), and Osmolova(currently in talks with Traedorn to become a dependency).
The Norlanders are one of the few societies of Ios to hold a fully flushed out pantheon of gods.

NG Illya the Hearthkeeper: God of home, family, and hospitality – Community, Good, Healing, Protection, and Fire Favored Weapon: Torch

LN Rinhulf the Keeper of Law: God of Civilization, Construction, and Law: Law, Glory, Artifice, Earth, and Nobility Favored Weapon: Glaive

CG Sielos the Scout: God of Travel, Sight, and Exploration: Travel, Good, Air, Animal, and Liberation Favored Weapon: Longbow

Brynhulder N God of the Sea and Survival: Water, Animal, Strength, Death, and Destruction Favored Weapon: Bite(Note: Now that Sea travel is basically nonexistent, Brynhulder is rarely mentioned on Skani religious texts)

LG Crom the King of Gods – War, Glory, Good, Nobility, and Strength Favored Weapon: Greataxe

LE Corvissa, Queen in Exile, the Crone Queen – Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Madness, and Charm Favored Weapon: Longsword

N Utumor the Dead Sculler – Death, Repose, Knowledge, Magic, and Darkness Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

The Kunivari are mainly animists and worship various animal spirits(create your own if you want a specific one for a cleric or such). An example:

N Elimos spirit of nature: Animal, Fire, Water, Air, Earth Favored weapon: slams

The Norlands

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