The Eldritch Herald(Antipaladin Archetype)

Eldrich Herald – Antipaladin Archetype

Deity Restrictions: Outer Gods

Aura of Evil/Chaos: The power of an Eldrich Herald’s Aura of True Blasphemy (see the detect evil spell) is equal to his Eldrich Herald level. For the purposes of this ability, he has two distinct alignments within his aura, detecting for both Detect Chaos and Detect Evil. This ability modifies Aura of Evil.

Detect Good/Law: This functions identically to Detect Good, save that it also detects Lawful alignments. This ability modifies Detect Good.

Circle of Blasphemy: At first level, for a number of rounds equal to the Eldrich Herald’s Charisma modifier, they can call upon the vile and unpredictable powers granted by those of the void. As a swift action, the Eldrich Herald can emit a 20ft aura around him, sending forth the Eldrich energies he harbors to disorient and shred his foes. Enemies of the Herald who enter during or begin their turn in the aura take an amount of damage equal to 1d6/Paladin level (Charisma modifier every 4 levels) and become shaken (This damage can be halved and the shaken effect negated with a successful will save, DC equal to 10 + 1/2 paladin level [minimum 1] + Charisma Modifier), the shaken effect lasts 1d4charisma modifier rounds. At 2nd level and each level thereafter, this aura can be maintained for an additional round per day.
Any creature along the Chaotic or Evil alignment axis gain a +2 to this save, other Chaotic Evil beings take half damage and recieve a +4 on the save to negate the full effect. Adversely creatures along the Lawful and Good alignment axis take a -2 to the save, Lawful Good beings taking a -4 to this save and become frightened if they fail. This is reduced to Shaken if the creature is immune to fear. The aura deals damage to Lawful Good creatures, be they friend or foe. This ability replaces Smite Good.

Hail of the Void: At 4th level a Herald learns to focus the chaotic energies of the void, channeling them into a foul orb that can be hurled at enemies. Once per day at 4th level and then once per day every four levels thereafter the Herald can spend two rounds of his Circle of Blasphemy to make a ranged touch attack against a target as a standard action, this attack has a range of close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels) and deals 1d8/paladin level + charisma mod/6 levels, this also nauseates the target. The target recives a Fortitude save to negate the sickened condition (10 + 1/2 Herald level + Cha mod) but this does not reduce the damage taken. This replaces Channel Energy.

Fiendish Boon: The Herald must choose the weapon enhancement boon. This Modifies Fiendish Boon.

Eldrich Blast: The Herald may spend one round of Circle of Blasphemy to release an Eldrich Blast, this blast has a radius of 10ft and all creatures (Excluding the Herald) within it must make a will save or become Confused for a number of rounds equal to the Herald’s Charisma modifier. This replaces Aura of Vengeance.

The Spiral of Madness: At 20th level, an Eldrich Herald becomes a living vessel for the corruption of the Outer Gods, abandoning what little humanity they had left. His DR increses to 10/good. Whenever he deals damage with the Circle of Blasphemy or Hail of the Void abilities to a Good or Lawful aligned outsider, they may also be subject to Banishment at the cost of two aditional rounds, using the Herald’s level as the caster level his weapon and unholy symbol automatically count as objects that the subject hates). The Herald can expend a number of rounds equal to his charisma modifier to raise the DC of the Banishment by that amount. In addition, whenever he uses the Hail of the Void ability or uses touch of corruption to damage a creature, he deals the maximum possible amount. This replaces Unholy Champion.

The Eldritch Herald(Antipaladin Archetype)

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