More Gods

Leshrac N God of Death and Acceptance- Repose, Death, Darkness, Magic, and Community favored weapon Whip New god of death seen primarily in scattered cults across Indus(the middle continent)

Ferax CN God of War and Destruction – Destruction, Glory, War, Chaos, Strength
favored weapon Greatsword New god that serves as the only link between the many warring clans and small kingdoms of Ferax, while not all of these groups worship him all pay him respect.

Oethax NE God of Greed and Murder – Darkness, Death, Evil, Luck, Trickery
favored weapon Sickle, Ibreki New god that originates from Ibrekt and has small cults scattered across Indus and a few in Lurinth(the Northern continent)

Lothian NG God of Gems and Heroism – Community, Earth, Healing, Good, Protection
favored weapon Warhammer New god seen primarily in Westpine who provides an aegis against the tyrannical dragons that infest the nearby mountains

Zalkir CE God of the Moon, Lycan, and Vampires – Animal, Darkness, Evil, Luck(Curse Subdomain), Magic favored weapon Bite New god who is the first werewolf, worshipped by those who relish their curse rather than looking for a cure.

Ibros NE God of Necromancy, Corruption and Vanity – Charm, Death, Evil, Madness, Magic
favored weapon dagger New god outlawed in much of Lurinth, though churches and cults still arise in his name mainly in Emiria where inquisitions are much less common

Iocles LN God Balance, Planes, and Magic – Magic, Rune, Protection, Artifice, Luck
Old god worshipped by very few within the material plane aside from the highbrow scholarly class

Medomi LN God of Chivalry and Nobility – Community, Glory, Law, Nobility, Protection Halberd New god that serves as the state religion in Reims

Lithnagantas CN Old God of nature and beasts; Favored weapon Natural Attacks(any) – Animal, Protection, Plant, Healing, Destruction

Ur god of protection and good, favored weapon unarmed: Protection, Good, Liberation, Community, and Earth.

Asmodeus, Lord of Hell LE God of Tyranny, Slavery, and Pride: Evil, Fire, Law, Magic Trickery

Melenathra, the Purifier LE Archdevil of Property Values(Seriously): Law, Evil, Community, Nobility, and Protection

Skorathel the Sentinel LE Archdevil of Law Enforcement and Police: Law, Evil, Community, Protection, and Strength

Gaetano Godfather of Crime LE Archdevil of Crime: Evil, Law, Charm, Trickery, and Liberation

Zanthakis, Binder of Contracts LE Archdevil of Contracts: Community, Evil, Knowledge, Law, and Madness Favored weapon: Sling.

Xir the Unknowable LE Archdevil of Darkness and Deception: Charm, Darkness, Evil, Trickery and Knowledge Favored weapon Cutlass

Kishar the Butcher of the Barrens LE Archdevil of War and Armies: War, Death, Destruction, Strength and Evil Favored weapon: Glaive

The Oinodaemon, NE God of Souls Favored weapon Scythe: Evil, Trickery, Death, Madness, War

Lixus of the Shell N God of Mundane Oddities – Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Magic, and Rune favored weapon Sap

Nyamne NG God of Loneliness and Exile – Animal, Travel, Earth, Curse(Luck), Solitude(Protection) favored weapon Gore

The Dead God NG God of Self Sacrifice – Death, Community, Repose, Protection, and Travel. Favored weapon: Falcata

Old Coyote CE God of Trickery and Mischief – Animal, Travel, Trickery, Luck, and Chaos Favored Weapon: Rapier

The Allflame CN God of Fire – Fire, Glory, Protection, Liberation, and Chaos Favored Weapon: Torch

The King of Limbs LN God of Writing, Nature, and Paradox – Knowledge, Plant, Community, Law, and Animal Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Brynhulder N God of the Sea and Survival: Water, Animal, Strength, Death, and Destruction Favored Weapon: Bite

The Kraken N God of Emotion and Curiosity: Madness, Animal, Knowledge Water, and Magic Favored Weapon: Tentacles

The Terror LE God of Nightmares: Madness, Law, Magic, War, Rune, and Knowledge Favored Weapon: Glaive

The Quintessence CG God of Dreams: Chaos, Destruction, Magic, Rune, and Travel Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike

More Gods

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