Emperor Deities of Traedorn

A simple guide to deity Emperors of Traedorn:

LG Hadrian the First: Hadrian is the primary deity of Traedorn, he is known for the unification(conquest) of the region of Traedorn and put into practice many revolutionary policies such as: Full Citizenship for conquered peoples, basic human rights, construction of a library in every city/town. Hadrian’s Domains are: Glory, Good, Law, Knowledge, and War Kopis

LG Commoditus the Diplomat: A much more politically shrewd emperor than his predecessor, he is known for striking several bargains with powerful neighbors like the High Elves. Generally ignored by the general populace Commoditus is worshiped mainly by statesman looking for guidance. Commoditus’s Domains are: Community, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, and Trickery Gladius

NG Romulus the Naturalist: Many believed that Romulus would have made for a poor emperor due to his lack of interest in law or diplomacy but he enacted several monumental treaties and pacts that last to this day. He spent most of his time learning about the wilderness and animals and has a massive following among Wood Elves and Haflings who he initially recruited into the empire. Romulus’s Domains are: Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plants, and Travel Quarterstaff

LN Neverus the Victorious: Brilliant general and soldier, Neverus is also well loved among the general populace for his victories against the Vernorians and the destruction of the Orc tribes of Thrun. His ego has also left a long lasting mark on the empire, his statues stand in almost every major city. Neverus’s Domains are: Glory, Nobility, Protection, Strength, and War Greatsword

LN Flavian the Tempest: The First Wizard to become emperor, Flavian specialized in Evocation magic, which remains the most popular school of magic in the Imperial Capital. He is most well known for hiding the great artifacts in the hidden vaults for none of his jealous and evil sons to take. He paid a great cost for this deed and was cast to hell as an evil god for killing all of the workers and architects of the vaults. People pray for his victory and safety in Hell. Flavian’s Domains are: Destruction, Fire, Knowledge, Magic, and Weather(mainly storm) Longbow

N Aten the Omnipotent: The only Abkani Emperor to become a god, he was well known for being a genius and extremely power Sorcerer. His worship is banned within the main empire but his following is nearly universal in the Abkani deserts. He is believed to have a scrying spell that could see everything within the empire’s boundries. Aten’s Domains are: Death, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, and the Sun Falchion

Emperor Deities of Traedorn

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