Dragon Deities of Traedorn

LE Nadraxian(Green): Unfinished Lore. Nadraxian’s Domains: Scalykind, Evil, Nobility, Air, Greed

LE Ornithax(Blue): Unfinished Lore: Ornithax’s Domains: Scalykind, Evil, Magic, Knowledge, Trickery

CE Malthanor(Red): Unfinished Lore: Malthanor’s Domains: Scalykind, Evil, Destruction, Fire, Strength

CE Erxithar(Black) Erxithar’s Domains: Scalykind, Evil, Death, Decay, Madness

CE Urnizen(White): Unfinished Lore: Urnizen’s Domains: Scalykind, Evil, Ice, Air, Catastrophe

LG Idramaer(Gold) Unfinished Lore: Idramaer’s Domains: Scalykind, Good, Fire, Community, Nobility

CG Naldrias(Brass) Unfinished Lore: Naldrias’s Domains: Scalykind, Good, Fire, Sun, Healing

LG Althinar(Bronze) Unfinished Lore: Althinar’s Domains: Scalykind, Good, Water, Knowledge, Magic

CG Othellis(Copper) Unfinished Lore: Othellis’s Domains: Scalykind, Good, Earth, Liberation, Protection

LG Ixilos(Silver) Unfinished Lore: Ixilos’s Domains: Scalykind, Good, Ice, Law, Glory

Dragon Deities of Traedorn

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