Church of the Dead God

The Church of the Dead God is the religious body that worships the(believed to be) dead god Ethelonius. The core beliefs of the Church encompass that the extraplanar deities that have shaped the world throughout the millennia are evil by nature and solely exist to corrupt and cause mortals agony.

The church believes that all violence committed by sapient beings is the direct intervention or due to the corruption of the gods above. Their deity Ethelonius, was the only mortal to ever have achieved living godhood on Ios(so they believe). At the time it was believed that he was going to cure mortals of their violent tenancies. Unfortunately Ethelonius was killed by a traitor within the church. From here, his successor as high priest decided to eliminate his name from their records and simply refer to him as “the Dead God.” The Church also decreed that gods would never allow a full purging of the sin from the mortals of the world.

In its current form, the Church has very minimal structure and just relies on the scriptures left behind from the era of the Dead God. The Church now just simply sees violence as an inseparable part of sapient mentality and now uses it to divine the will of the evil gods that meddle in their life. All violence is seen as the act of gods so any time a murder is committed within earshot, the Haruspexes flock to the site to inspect the remains and the entrails of the victims.

Domains/weapon for clerics: Death, Community, Repose, Protection, and Travel. Favored weapon: Falcata

Church of the Dead God

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