Benalia, a small coastal kingdom bordered by the Dragon infested Westspine mountains in the East, the Garridian barbarians of the North, and the Chivalrous knights of Avon in the South.

Dragons from Westspine come down every few years to request tribute from the various settlements near the mountains. This area is referred to as the dragon steppes by the Benalish people

Further inland there is the forest of Angarth, ancestral homeland of the Angathi elves. The Angathi elves have been in rebellion against Benalia for generations. To combat this the Benalish have established a massive road through the forest lines with villages and keeps for human travellors to pass through to avoid getting waylayed by elves.

In the North are the Sardian wetlands, home to the many goblin tribes of Benalia. The goblin tribes generally don’t come into conflict with the human villages aside from general mischief.

In the South are the Sarinthian plains, known for the Church of the stones, a religion that the Benalish general populace comes into conflict with often for their strange sacrificial rituals. The crown refuses to upset the Sarinthians in fear of losing its primary food supply.

Finally is Old Benalia, the seat of government power. Old Benalia sits on the coast and maintains the largest cities in the kindgom along with most of the arcane academies


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