Artificer(Wizard Archetype)

Artificer – Impir;Wizard

Bodily Enhancement(Ex): At 1st level an artificer enhances his body with fleshgrafts and steel. He may select one of the following enhancements
Mechanical Arm: The artificer attatches an extra arm somewhere on his body(generally between the shoulders) this arm grants a +2 on a chosen craft check. This arm cannot be used for attacks and cannot carry shields.

Implanted Eye: The artificer replaces one of his eyes with a mechanical one this eye improves the artificer’s vision one step(normal becomes low-light, low-light becomes darkvison, and the range of darkvision doubles)

Energy Affinity: The artificer gains 5 resistance to an energy type of his choice

Enhanced Limbs: The artificer adds 10 to his base movespeed and gains a +2 on climb and acrobatics

Improved Awareness: The artificer gains a +3 on all initiative checks

this ability replaces arcane bond

Arcane Artisan: The artificer must select the universalist school and the arcrane crafter subschool. The Artificer also gains Golemsmith(which replaces metamagic mastery)
Golemsmith(Su): At 8th level the artificer’s caster level counts as 2 higher when crafting golems. Once per week the artificer can attempt to create a golem that requires a craft skill he does not have. When doing this he must succeed a concentration check(DC 10+golem’s hit die). If he succeeds he may use a craft skill of his choice for this golem. If he fails he cannot cast spells that day and is shaken.

this ability alters arcane school

Craft Construct: At 5th level the artificer gains craft construct as a bonus feats, he does not need to meet the prerequisites. This replaces the bonus feat at 5th level

Artificer(Wizard Archetype)

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