Archdevils and the Lord of Hell

The City of Hell serves as one of the few bastions of order and safety in the Demon infested wastes of the Tartarus, all others pale in comparison to the great city of Hell itself. The City is divided into nine “Spheres” each of which ruled by an Archdevil with the highest and final sphere being owned by Asmodeus, the Lord of Hell itself. The Devils offer refuge to the evil souls that were damned by Iodae and do not wish to be subjegated and tormented by the Demons of the wastes or bartered owned by Daemons.

Kishar the Butcher of the Barrens LE Archdevil of War and Armies: War, Death, Destruction, Strength and Evil Favored weapon: Glaive. Kishar is the Archdevil of the Infernal Gates and the barrens that surround the immediate area around Hell. He and his army of Devils are locked in an endless war against the hordes of demons that want to enter the city and conquer the greatest prize of Tartarus. Kishar will more often than not attempt to rampage through the demonic horde and battle their lord in single combat. The amount of demon lords he has slain in his career has exceeded any scholar’s count.

Xir the Unknowable LE Archdevil of Darkness and Deception: Charm, Darkness, Evil, Trickery and Knowledge Favored weapon Cutlass. Xir the Unknowable holds domain over the second sphere of Hell: The Night Maze, a impenetrable darkness that can only be crossed by the guiding hand of one of his servants or Xir himself. Many unfortunate souls have lost their guides and now wander the darkness in hopes of finding a new voice to lead them to salvation, few do. Xir also drives the devoted who wish to enter Hell away from their “False Idols” and his influence outside of Hell often involves desecration of the temples of other gods.

Zanthakis, Binder of Contracts LE Archdevil of Contracts: Community, Evil, Knowledge, Law, and Madness Favored weapon: Sling. Zanthakis rules over the third sphere of Hell, The Dreg. The Dreg is the massive administrative hub of Hell that serves as the final gateway before entering the proper city. It’s a labyrinth of Bureaucracy, paperwork, and lines that stretch for miles. Many souls have lost their sanity in the seemingly endless lines or have been sentenced to the Mad Cages after breaking one of the many codes of The Dreg. Noise violations, cutting in line, and forgery all get one sent to the Mad Cages for a minimum sentence of 30 years. These cages overlook the endless lines and serve as a warning to any who want to cheat their way into the city.
Gaetano Godfather of Crime LE Archdevil of Crime: Evil, Law, Charm, Trickery, and Liberation

Skorathel the Sentinel LE Archdevil of Law Enforcement and Police: Law, Evil, Community, Protection, and Strength

Melenathra, the Purifier LE Archdevil of Property Values(Seriously): Law, Evil, Community, Nobility, and Protection

Eligos of the Black Word LE Archdevil of Faith and Time: Law, Evil, Community, Magic, Trickery

Asmodeus, Lord of Hell LE God of Tyranny, Slavery, and Pride: Evil, Fire, Law, Magic Trickery

Archdevils and the Lord of Hell

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